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Upon Cancellation, Jelly Websites will no longer be responsible for the renewal of any domain name(s) that you have hosted on our registrar. If you would like your domain name(s) to be transferred, please supply us with a Valid Email Address to release the domain name(s) to. A one-time $75 transfer fee will apply.

Check ONE box below to indicate if you would like to transfer your domain name(s) to another registrar, or if you would rather allow your domain name(s) to expire?

Yes, please transfer.

NOTE: Jelly Websites, Inc. will supply you with an EPP key to transfer your domain name to another registrar within 72 hours of receiving your cancellation form. Submission of the transfer must be completed within 5 business days.


No, let my domain name(s) expire.

Please download or backup all existing emails to another account before cancelling site.

All content written for client are the property of the client to use how they wish with another hosting company. All images provided by Jelly Websites are copyright protected and may not be used. You may not transfer, reproduce, or modify any Jelly Websites privately licensed photographic images (other than photos supplied by you) on any other website outside of the Jelly Websites hosting platform. Copyright violations can include fines up to $150,000 per instance.