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Reliable Email with Microsoft Office 365

Because security is so important due to the proliferation of email threats, we use Microsoft Office 365 email. This email service provides our clients with a high level of security and HIPAA compliance.

Email with Microsoft Office 365 is:

  • More reliable
  • Has top online security
  • Compatible with most Operating Systems including MAC
  • 128-bit SSL/TSL Encryption
  • HIPAA compliant

We Get you Connected

While you can set up your email with Microsoft directly, it can sometimes be a challenge with multiple accounts or domains. We are here to help! One of our technicians can initially create your account and get you all set up with Microsoft. Once your accounts are in place up you will have the ability to login to your account directly with Microsoft to manage any updates or changes.

Our hourly rate is $85 to set up your email accounts with Microsoft. There is also a small monthly fee of $4 for each email account which is charged directly by Microsoft.

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