5 Ways to Overcome Creative Blocks | Web Design


We all hit creative blocks once in a while, its completely normal. Even the most creative people hit a stand still now and then. And as agitating as creative blocks are, they are unfortunately a part of the creative process. When you find yourself hitting a creative block, rather than taking a break assuming a spark a brilliance will appear out of thin air, try rebooting your creative thinking. The following tips are here to help get those creative juices of yours flowing again:

  • Seek Input- When you feel stuck with your design or a certain idea, try asking for others their opinions. Even if you don’t use your friends or coworkers suggestions, it may spark a new way of thinking, helping you look at your work from a different perspective.
  • Exercise or Take a Walk- There have been studies that have shown that regular exercise enhances creativity. If you’re not fond of exercising, even the act of taking a walk can help boost creativity. No matter what sort of exercise you choose it allows for you to access fresh ideas from your subconscious.
  • Write or Sketch by Hand- Hitting a creative block doesn’t mean you’ve stopped being creative. Your mind is constantly running, from the moment you wake up, to the moment you fall asleep. It’s just a matter of capturing that great idea. Try keeping a journal on you at all times and write or sketch whatever is on your mind.
  • Listen to Music- It’s been proven that music helps boost creativity. No, and not only Mozart. You must listen to music you like, it will put you in what is called “mind-wandering mode”. Mind-wondering is an excellent way of capturing new ideas. Matching music to your mood at the moment is key.
  • Rearrange Your Workspace- If your office or workspace is not helpful to your creativity, it may be time to rearrange your surroundings so they stimulate and motivate you to be more productive. Changing up your workspace could be as simple as decorating with new photos, artwork, plants or even favorite quotes. Add anything that inspires you.

Remember we all hit creative blocks, but that doesn’t mean our creativity has ceased to exist. It just means that’s we need to take step back and take a look at our work from a different perspective to ignite fresh ideas. Don’t be afraid to try new things to help refresh your creative visions.

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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Web Design | Web Design


It takes more than an extravagant web design to make your website a success. You must also take usability into consideration, as your site is built for your visitors and not yourself. Even some of the most experienced designers make some of these common mistakes, but learning from your mistakes is vital to your long-term success. The following includes 7 of the most common mistakes web developers and web designer’s make:

No Consistency- When it comes to designing multiple pages for a website, it’s best to keep it simple. For example, visitors expect to see the same colors, fonts, logos, and navigation tabs on every page of a website. If your page design is inconsistent you visitor may become confused and wonder if their on the same website.

Confusing Navigation- I’m sure we’ve all had the experience of clicking onto a webpage and being immediately confused by the layout and navigation. Your visitors want to explore your website at ease, and when your websites navigation is too discreet or completely hidden visitors are likely to get frustrated. It’s best to remember the three-click rule; all of your important content should be accessible within no more than three clicks from your homepage.

Irrelevant/Outdated Content- Think less is more when it comes to your websites content. Making sure your websites content is up to date should be a part of your regular website maintenance. When you leave outdated content on your website it looks unprofessional. Say your last blog was posted in 2011, this may make visitors think your site has been abandoned and therefore they won’t return.

Poor Readability and Legibility- Visitors come to your website in search of information, so making sure they can read it is extremely vital. Make sure to use easy to read color schemes because using the wrong color combination can make reading more difficult for your visitors. Also, limit yourself to no more than three different fonts and font sizes.

Non-Responsive Design- In this day and age most web browsing is done on mobile devices, yet some web designers still don’t take this into consideration when designing websites. Your website should be mobile friendly to enhance its usability. Visitors don’t want to have to zoom in on their mobile devices just to make out the content on your website.

When it comes to web design and its usability, it’s best to think from your visitor’s point of view. So make sure to steer clear of the common web design mistakes mentioned above. For more information regarding web design, contact Jelly Websites in Corona, CA at 951-371-9327 or visit our website at www.jellywebsites.com.

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