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When a visitor lands on your websites home page are they immediately impressed or thrown off by your content? Is your visitor able to determine what it is you do, and what you can offer them? If your home page is poorly designed with crazy colors, confusing text or is completely bombarded by music and/or video I guarantee it will not be making a very great first impression. You want to provide your visitor with a seamless and user friendly experience if you want them to think about returning to your website. The following points provide you with a few simple ways to make sure your website is making a great first impression:

  • Provide Clear Answers- When a visitor lands on your homepage they are usually in search of product, seeking information or looking for some sort of assistance. Your homepage must be able to clearly identify who you are and what you do to assure your visitors they are on the right webpage. People often scan for short paragraphs and bulleted items so try incorporating that into your site.
  • Provide Simple Navigation- Simple navigation is key, no one likes to get lost or confused when entering a website. Make sure your navigation bar is visible and easy to locate so your visitors are able to explore your page at ease.
  • Provide Value- Make sure to point out why your company is different and unique from your competitors, while making it simple to read and understand. Try incorporating original and credible content such as testimonials from happy customers or clients.
  • Provide Clean Design- You may think that if your page is full of flashy photos, video or music it will attract more visitors, but the fact is this sort of content actually drives most visitors away. Not only is this a distraction to your visitors but it also can slow down you’re a websites loading time. Make sure to effectively utilize white space, colors and fonts appropriately.
  • Provide Occasional Changes- When a website remains entirely the same visitors will have no real reason to return to your website. You want to make sure to provide periodic updates to create evergreen content. In simpler terms, stay current.

Keep in mind that first impressions last a lifetime, so if you want people to continue to visit your website you must make that first impression count.

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3 Reasons You Must have a Mobile Friendly Website | Web Design, Corona CA

Almost everyone in this day of age has a smartphone, and it’s become one of the preferred methods to browse the web. Most people won’t even leave their homes without their smartphone. Mobile devices are used on a daily basis for tasks such as sending texts, getting directions, emailing, listening to music, and of course to accessing the internet. About 60% of internet searches are done on mobile devices now, and that number will continue to rise as the mobile world keeps on advancing. The following list includes three major reasons why you must have a mobile friendly website:

  • Google Says So- We use our phones for just about everything, such as searching the internet for restaurants, hotels or even specific products. If your website isn’t mobile friendly it won’t be coming up in Google's search anytime soon. Now the Google has changed its algorithm they are penalizing sites that aren’t mobile friendly, which means your site won’t be coming up as well as it did before if it’s mobile friendly.
  • It’s What Customers Want- As I stated earlier, about 60% of internet searches are done on mobile devices now. If your visitors has to zoom in and out constantly to navigate, I can almost guarantee this will decrease your visitors overall experience. Make sure with either have a responsive site or separate mobile site for the best user experience.
  • You’ll Lose Business- If you’re only using a standard website you’re probably losing business, if you already haven’t that is. Several people are ditching computers or laptops for their mobile devices. Don’t let your website take a toll on your business by not being mobile friendly.

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6 Simple Steps to Capture Your Visitors Attention | Web Design Corona, CA


Studies have shown that your average visitor will stay on your website for approximately eight seconds or less. Yup, only eight seconds. With the fast pace speed of the internet these days most people have evolved to judge a website within those 8 seconds. You know what that means right? You must be able to capture your visitor’s attention before they click that back button.

You want your visitors to understand what your website and company are about within a fraction of a minute. These next few tips will help you capture your visitor’s attention, and ultimately keep them on your website.

  • Keep it Quick- You want to grab your visitor’s attention as soon as they click onto your site, make sure to illustrate exactly what you want your visitor to know in a short informative paragraph. Try to come up with a catchy and effective about your company or the products to help draw your visitor in and to make them stick around. If there is something you want your visitor to check out, make sure to place it at the top of the page.
  • Quick Loading Time- To captures ones attention in less than eight seconds means your website must load in less than that time. When a website loads slowly it’s a big turn off to potential visitors. If you are worried about load time, try resizing pictures you may have on your site. GIFs can also slow a website down, so try minimizing them to quick files that don’t take up much space. Make sure you also have a reliable host.
  • Make it Attractive- If you have a webpage that isn’t visually pleasing most people won’t stick around for long. Landing pages are actually great to capture attention since it’s just one page to display your idea or product. If you do choose to have a landing page make sure it matches the rest of your website so you don’t confuse your visitors.
  • Easy Read- When it comes to reading sites most people prefer to read a short amount of text rather than a huge paragraph. If you do have a lot to say then try eye-catching headlines that lead to longer articles where they can read more if they like. Also, try bullet points on your front page to make points, like what you and your business value most.
  • Safety and Statistics- People like to feel secure about your company or what they want to purchase, so be sure to provide your visitors with statistics. Not the boring, plain and simple kind. Try colorful charts, percentages, or things that make them feel safe. You can also use testimonials, customer reviews and security logos to help make them feel better about your business and website.
  • Mobile and Tablet Friendly- Make sure to optimize your site so that it will be compatible with a mobile device or tablet is an incredibly smart decision. Now that most internet browsing is done on mobile devices or tablets it is very important for your site to load quickly and reliably.

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Googling on Mobile Devices Outranks PCs in the U.S. For First Time| Web Design Corona, CA

Mobility concept

When Google first came about, people would have to use the search engine on their personal computers from their homes or offices. For the first time, Googles search engine has been getting more search requests on mobile devices rather than on personal computers in the U.S.

This has shown how dramatically internet searches have changed since 2007. That was when the first Apple iPhone was released, which lead to many other mobile phone companies to release similar devices. Smartphones have made it much easier for people to stay connected to the internet, no matter where they may be.

While this major change has effected some computer and technology companies that are tied to PCs, Google has been able get along just fine since its search engine and other services come standard in its Android mobile operating system.

Google says that while its normal ad prices are going down because marketers don’t want to pay as much for small ads on smartphones, their mobile ad prices are going up. The reason for mobile ad prices rising is because almost everyone uses their phone for mobile searches these days, and while searching a company can connect with a potential customer the very moment they start their search. As Jerry Dischler, a Google Inc. vice president said “The future of mobile is now”.

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5 Tired Web Design Trends | Custom Web Design


Web design trends, like any other trends, are constantly changing. We all know that most every trend has a shelf life, so you must be prepared when it’s time to adapt to the latest up and coming web design trends. It typically only take a visitor 10-20 seconds before they make up their mind about your website, and if your visitor isn’t impressed by your site, they’ll most likely be clicking that back button pretty quick. If your website includes any of the following five tired web design trends, you’re definitely going to be in need a redesign, and quick.

  • Loading Screens- Okay, come on we aren’t in the late nineties, loading pages take me back to the dial-up days. No visitor wants to wait around for 15 seconds watching a loading screen just to get to the content they would like to view. If you have a loading screen, it’s not that you have a terrible design, it’s just too much on the heavy side of design. Most visitors expect a website to load within 2 seconds.
  • Auto-Play Video/Music- When I personally enter a website and I’m immediately bombarded by music or video, I typically leave that site as quick as possible. Not only is this an annoyance to visitors, it’s a distraction and doesn’t give your visitors the option to watch or listen on their own. If you do have some sort of audio or video on your website, give your visitors the freedom to listen or watch on their own time.
  • Bothersome Pop-Ups- Pop-ups that engage you to take a certain action or to subscribe to a blog, aren’t bad marketing tactics, as long as those pop-ups aren’t diverting you visitors attention elsewhere. If your website does include pop-ups, make sure the message pops up at an appropriate time, and also make sure it’s easy for visitors to opt out of.
  • Flash Sites- Flash is now a trend of the past, or at least it should be. Even though the animations help enhance the look of the website, most devices can’t read Flash. For example, Apple products such as the very popular iPad and iPhone are not able to read Flash sites. So if your website is incorporating Flash, it’s time to redesign.
  • Stock Photos- Be very choosey when it comes to picking stock photography for your website, because many stock photos look either lifeless or completely staged. You definitely need to use a critical eye when choosing stock photography. The photos you choose for your website can either make it, or break it.

If you are incorporating any of these tired trends into website, then your website in definitely in need of an update, and fast! Call Jelly Websites in Corona, CA at 951-371-9327 if you’re interested in website redesign, or visit our website at for more information regarding the additional services we offer.

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