Why Can’t I Keep My Website Visitor’s Attention? | Corona, CA

You’ve finally decided to invest in a website for your business. It is all designed to your specifications and has gone live. The problem is, attracting visitors to your website is one thing, but getting your visitors to stick around is another. You don’t only want visitors to take a look at your website and leave, you want your visitors to stick around and take a certain action. If you’ve noticed that your visitors are clicking that “back button” quite often, then maybe it’s time you realize there may be a problem with your website.  The follow list includes five reasons why your visitors may be leaving your website:

Poor first impression. Your homepage is essentially the face of your business to the online world. When designing your website, make sure your home page is attractive, provides useful information, and of course has eye pleasing graphics.

Difficult navigation. We have all had a tough time figuring out how to navigate through a poorly designed website – keep it simple and organized.

Pop-ups. When it comes to marketing your business, a website is key to generating leads, but forcing visitor information as they click on your site is off-putting. Set these pop-ups should be at an appropriate time.

Auto-play videos. If you do have a video on your site, give your visitors the freedom to press play and watch it on their own time.

Confusing content. The font, text color and background will affect how well your visitors will be able to read and retain the content on your website.

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Is Infinite Scrolling Right for Your Website? | Web Design


Infinite scrolling has become an increasingly popular trend in web design. The design of infinite scrolling is as simple as it sounds, it displays your content and allows your viewers to keep scrolling without having to stop. So is this a trend that you see working for your website or does is sound like something you would like to avoid?

Like any trend, infinite scrolling had its pros and cons. But that all depends on the type and goals of your website. Infinite scrolling is a type of web interaction technique that continuously loads content as your visitor scrolls though your site rather than having to click on links. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are the best examples of infinite scrolling. However, many other sites have taken notice to this trend and implemented the design into their sites as well. Infinite scrolling isn’t for every website, so before you decide to join in on this trend I would implore you to inform yourself of the pros and cons listed below:


  • Great for Touch Screen Devices- Today most mobile devise and tablets are made with touch technology and it’s can be difficult to tap those tiny page links, which is why infinite scrolling solves this problem.
  • Great for Visuals- One of the best way to display high quality images and image content is by implementing infinite scrolling into your web design. Great examples of how visual oriented websites benefits from infinite scrolling include Pinterest and Flickr.
  • Quick and Simple Browsing- Infinite pages are typically faster than regular webpages. The reason for this is because as the user scrolls down the webpage more content automatically loads on the same page which eliminates the need for clicking on links and reloading new pages every time.
  • Keeps Users Engaged and Curious- Infinite scrolling tends to trigger automatic responses based on curiosity and ease which keeps the users engaged while waiting for new content to load. People are wanting to be constantly entertain and not disrupted by having to click a “load more’ button and then having to wait. Infinite scrolling takes advantage of that.


  • Navigation Problems- One of the basic UX principles states that users need to always know where they are on your website. This is key for website usability. In the case of having an infinite scrolling page it can be quite difficult to understand where you are on the webpage at a certain point. In addition, when clicking on a certain link and then wanting to return to where you left off, you are brought back to the top of the webpage.
  • No Skipping- A huge advantage of paginated content is when you need to skip the first 10 pages and go the 11th page you can do so. This is impossible with infinite scrolling. You just have to scroll down to find something that interests you.
  • Footer Problem- This is a big issues with ecommerce websites. If you’ve made an online purchase before you know exactly where the important links are located: in the footer. Now imagine you want to visit the “shipping information” on an infinite scrolling page. This can be a big hassle when a link could be just a quick click away.
  • Overwhelming Content- It’s great to have a lot of quality information on your website. But when there’s infinite content loading every second users may start to feel overwhelmed and out of control.

Infinite scrolling isn’t for every website. So before choosing to implement this web design trend into your website make sure it’s the right choice for you. For more information on web design, contact Jelly Websites in Corona, CA at 888-614-6686 or visit our website at www.jellywebsites.com to learn about the services we offer.

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5 Tired Web Design Trends | Custom Web Design


Web design trends, like any other trends, are constantly changing. We all know that most every trend has a shelf life, so you must be prepared when it’s time to adapt to the latest up and coming web design trends. It typically only take a visitor 10-20 seconds before they make up their mind about your website, and if your visitor isn’t impressed by your site, they’ll most likely be clicking that back button pretty quick. If your website includes any of the following five tired web design trends, you’re definitely going to be in need a redesign, and quick.

  • Loading Screens- Okay, come on we aren’t in the late nineties, loading pages take me back to the dial-up days. No visitor wants to wait around for 15 seconds watching a loading screen just to get to the content they would like to view. If you have a loading screen, it’s not that you have a terrible design, it’s just too much on the heavy side of design. Most visitors expect a website to load within 2 seconds.
  • Auto-Play Video/Music- When I personally enter a website and I’m immediately bombarded by music or video, I typically leave that site as quick as possible. Not only is this an annoyance to visitors, it’s a distraction and doesn’t give your visitors the option to watch or listen on their own. If you do have some sort of audio or video on your website, give your visitors the freedom to listen or watch on their own time.
  • Bothersome Pop-Ups- Pop-ups that engage you to take a certain action or to subscribe to a blog, aren’t bad marketing tactics, as long as those pop-ups aren’t diverting you visitors attention elsewhere. If your website does include pop-ups, make sure the message pops up at an appropriate time, and also make sure it’s easy for visitors to opt out of.
  • Flash Sites- Flash is now a trend of the past, or at least it should be. Even though the animations help enhance the look of the website, most devices can’t read Flash. For example, Apple products such as the very popular iPad and iPhone are not able to read Flash sites. So if your website is incorporating Flash, it’s time to redesign.
  • Stock Photos- Be very choosey when it comes to picking stock photography for your website, because many stock photos look either lifeless or completely staged. You definitely need to use a critical eye when choosing stock photography. The photos you choose for your website can either make it, or break it.

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Web Design Trends to Watch for in 2015 | Web Design Corona, CA


As web designers all know, website trends are always changing just as fast as fashion trends are. Designers must constantly stay on top of the newest trends and be able to integrate those trends into their projects. Most trends are created to push the boundaries of web design and have a direct effect on the design industry. The following will include a few of the top design trends in 2015:

  • Responsive Design- Responsive web design is the future, and that future is now. A responsive website will conform to the size of the device being use by the visitor, which makes for a much more user friendly experience.
  • Hidden Main Menu- One popular trend in web design right now is hiding the main menu from view when your visitors first lands on your webpage. The menu becomes visible when your visitors clicks on or scroll over the correct button.
  • Card Design- Card design isn’t a new trend, but a trend that is going to keep growing. Cards are shaped as a triangle and are little packages of interactive information, and they have proved to be great for responsive websites.
  • Huge Visual Headers- It’s not necessarily a new trend, but these large visual headers are going to be a preferred choice by several designers. In those visual headers things may shift a bit in some sites by implementing video. The video should be subtle, silent and slow moving.
  • Storytelling- Using storytelling in design is a great tool that can be used to connect to potential customers on a more personal level and makes your company more relatable. Your content shouldn’t be the only thing telling your story, your visuals should tell your story as well.
  • Ghost Buttons-These buttons are not meant to distract you, but attract your attention in a more subtle way. Ghost buttons are transparent and are bordered with a very thin line and are perfect for designers that don’t want to clutter their webpage.

There are many designs that are going to continue to surface as the years come, and good designer should be able to incorporate those currents trends into their sites.

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