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Web design trends, like any other trends, are constantly changing. We all know that most every trend has a shelf life, so you must be prepared when it’s time to adapt to the latest up and coming web design trends. It typically only take a visitor 10-20 seconds before they make up their mind about your website, and if your visitor isn’t impressed by your site, they’ll most likely be clicking that back button pretty quick. If your website includes any of the following five tired web design trends, you’re definitely going to be in need a redesign, and quick.

  • Loading Screens- Okay, come on we aren’t in the late nineties, loading pages take me back to the dial-up days. No visitor wants to wait around for 15 seconds watching a loading screen just to get to the content they would like to view. If you have a loading screen, it’s not that you have a terrible design, it’s just too much on the heavy side of design. Most visitors expect a website to load within 2 seconds.
  • Auto-Play Video/Music- When I personally enter a website and I’m immediately bombarded by music or video, I typically leave that site as quick as possible. Not only is this an annoyance to visitors, it’s a distraction and doesn’t give your visitors the option to watch or listen on their own. If you do have some sort of audio or video on your website, give your visitors the freedom to listen or watch on their own time.
  • Bothersome Pop-Ups- Pop-ups that engage you to take a certain action or to subscribe to a blog, aren’t bad marketing tactics, as long as those pop-ups aren’t diverting you visitors attention elsewhere. If your website does include pop-ups, make sure the message pops up at an appropriate time, and also make sure it’s easy for visitors to opt out of.
  • Flash Sites- Flash is now a trend of the past, or at least it should be. Even though the animations help enhance the look of the website, most devices can’t read Flash. For example, Apple products such as the very popular iPad and iPhone are not able to read Flash sites. So if your website is incorporating Flash, it’s time to redesign.
  • Stock Photos- Be very choosey when it comes to picking stock photography for your website, because many stock photos look either lifeless or completely staged. You definitely need to use a critical eye when choosing stock photography. The photos you choose for your website can either make it, or break it.

If you are incorporating any of these tired trends into website, then your website in definitely in need of an update, and fast! Call Jelly Websites in Corona, CA at 888-614-6686 if you’re interested in website redesign, or visit our website at www.jellywebsites.com for more information regarding the additional services we offer.

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