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Are you having trouble keeping visitors on your website? Well, attracting visitors to your website is one thing, but getting your visitors to stick around is another. You don’t only want visitors to take a look at your website and leave, you want your visitors to stick around and take a certain action. If you’ve noticed that your visitors are clicking that “back button” quite often, then maybe it’s time you realize there may be a problem with your website.  The follow list includes five reasons why your visitors may be leaving your website:

Bad First Impression- Remember, your homepage is essentially the face of your business to the online world, and your homepage will be the first thing that your visitors will see. You want to make a positive impression to your visitors. If your design is outdated it’ll make your visitor feel a little uneasy about your website, and it usually only takes a visitor a few seconds to make judgement. So make sure your home page is attractive, provides useful information, and of course has eye pleasing graphics.

Poor Navigation- I guarantee we have all had the experience of clicking onto a webpage and becoming immediately confused by the layout and all of the navigation options.  Poor site navigation is one of the main reasons visitors leave a website. You’re websites navigation should be simple and organized.

Overwhelming Visitors with Pop-Ups- Your website is a way for you to generate leads, but that doesn’t mean you want to bombard you visitors with pop-ups asking for their information right when they enter your website. That sort of tacit will aggravate your visitors, resulting in them leaving your site. When a message pops up it should be at an appropriate time, and should have the option the easily exit.

Auto-Play Videos- No one likes to be bombard by music or video when they enter a website. Having auto-play music or videos can be quite annoying and may even cause your visitors to leave your site. If you do have a video on your site, give your visitors the freedom to press play and watch it on their own time.

Content is Difficult to Read- Design isn’t all about color, images and graphic, it’s also about the fonts you choose to use, as well as the color of the text and background. The font, text color and background will affect how well your visitors will be able to read and retain the content on your website.

Think from a visitor’s point of view, if they were to click onto your website, would they want to click through or hit that back button? If you’re thinking they would be clicking the back button pretty fast, then it’s time for you to redesign your website. You don’t want visitors to be leaving right away, you want to engage their attention.

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