How To Know When It’s Time To Update Your Website | Prescott, AZ

Your website is the face of your business, meaning you will want to stay up-to-date with the latest web design and usability features in order to put your best foot forward to current and potential customers. Here are some things to consider if its time to update your website.

Brand changing. If your business's services, products, or purpose have changed over the years, so should your branding. Your site should reflect what your business offers whether you’ve increased or reduced what you’re offering. Don’t let your website mislead a potential customer.

Outdated website. As mentioned above, your website is your visitor’s first impression of your business. There has been research that has shown that it only takes about 8 seconds for a person to judge your site, and if you have a terrible and unsightly design, I guarantee visitors won’t be returning.

Not mobile-friendly. Now that mobile devices have become increasingly popular for everyday use to browse the internet, it’s extremely important that you either have a responsive or separate mobile site. It’s almost impossible to make a website compatible across all devices, but if you have no compatibility it will be a large disadvantage.

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